Launching a Homeware Business in a Pandemic

Launching a Homeware Business in a Pandemic

Hi, I’m Chantelle & I’m the founder of Winston & Co. This is a business created during the craziness of 2020 whilst also running my first business, Maple Rock Studios. I wanted to write a quick blog post so you can understand the process and the love that goes into Winston & Co’s products.

 Each piece in our range has been lovingly hand-crafted. Our range of concrete-like homeware is created in Jersey, Channel Islands. The idea materialised after looking into the beautiful style of terrazzo and how it could be made into smaller pieces for the home. I learnt about a lighter eco-friendlier material which this could be done with and it fascinated me - I couldn’t stop thinking about how unique the pattern is and how many different things that could be created. So, each product in our collection really is one of a kind!  

 Something that I loved about the materials we use is that they’re an eco-friendly & safe alternative to resin, plaster or concrete. It is fun, easy to use, can be cast and worked in many ways to achieve stunning outcomes, in a multitude of projects. It can be mixed with other materials such as pigments, ink, metal fillers, even coffee to achieve unique finishes.

 We love the journey our products take before becoming a part of the Winston & Co collection, from the first sketch of the design to colour matching. From making the chips which then go into our mix to create the terrazzo effect to pouring into our moulds and creating a magical outcome!

 With each piece being made by hand there can be slight variations between each product, which means that each product is truly special. We love and respect this organic quality of our products. Your Winston & Co piece is like no other, each product is unique and shows the marks of its journey to you.  We see these differences as something special to enjoy and love over a lifetime as its journey continues in your hands.

It’s been fantastic experimenting and pouring my creative energy into a fresh project which doesn’t involve screens and tech. I hope that you love the products as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them!

 PS. Please note that we’ll do custom orders big or small so if you have an idea - get in touch!