Terrazzo style: One of the BEST Home Decor Trends of 2020!

Terrazzo style: One of the BEST Home Decor Trends of 2020!

Terrazzo has made a major comeback with the endless colour and material options in 2020! It is going to be the hottest home decor trends you'll be seeing everywhere in 2021.

Terrazzo was once limited to flooring, but today it has moved out to almost everywhere! It has made its way from traditional flooring, to contemporary walls, countertops, tables, lampshades, coasters, trays, and pots to modern graphic designing templates. A signature terrazzo style is also loved and used by the digital marketers in spreading their words across the globe!  You might have seen the captivating Louisville International Airport in USA and its aesthetically fascinating terrazzo floor textures and trust me that’s not the limit!


 What is “Terrazzo”?

Terrazzo is a composite material traditionally featuring the blend of alluring stones, glass or marble chippings. This medley is set into a concrete finish and then polished to get a sleek and luxurious look. Terrazzo style brings a certain enticement to your interior design.

Where did terrazzo style come from?

Terrazzo is a combination of sustainable materials set into cement and polished to give a completely compelling look. Today, it is being used in indoors and outdoors. But where did this appealing style originate from?

 ‘Terrazzo’ is an Italian word that has its origin from the Latin word “terra” which means “earth”. The archaeologists referred to the floor of Neolithic buildings of 8000-9000 BC with the word “terra”. Burnt lime, clay, and crushed limestone were used to prepare the it. Today’s terrazzo signature style is altogether different from ancient terra.

In the 15th century, modern terrazzo gained popularity in Venice before spreading across European cities. Terrazzo was introduced to the United States in the 18th century where it gained widespread popularity after 1920s during the era of Art Deco. In 1970s, terrazzo flooring became very common. Today, terrazzo is all set to replace the trend of marble flooring. It is one of the most durable flooring materials. You can add texture and charm to your home with terrazzo-style tiles, bench, dining room, coffee table, console or outdoor entertaining area.

Terrazzo had a renaissance amongst midcentury interior designers!

How to add elegance to your interior design with Terrazzo style?

Terrazzo can be featured anywhere in the house or outdoors beyond flooring and tabletops. Today terrazzo can be used as kitchen countertops, seamless surfaces, exciting textured walls besides just using it as a durable flooring solution. So, you can easily incorporate this trendy terrazzo style to any portion of your house.

There are a million ways to decorate your home with signature terrazzo. A few are listed below:

  • Add the feel of sleekness to your home with terrazzo style coasters.
  • You can add glamour to your interior with terrazzo inspired pots.
  • You can get an appealing terrazzo serving tray to add class to your dining room.
  • Terrazzo inspired quilt covers, cushions and pillows.
  • You can decorate your vanity table with a terrazzo inspired tray where you can keep your casual jewellery.
  • A terrazzo tray is perfect to add a decorative touch to your bathrooms. You can place your shower gel on it.
  • A perfectly rolled hand towel can be placed in the terrazzo styled tray in your bathroom to give it a designer look.
  • You can create your indoor garden using terrazzo planter pots of different colours, styles and sizes.
  • You can add style to your bathroom using a terrazzo style soap dish.
  • You can add a decorative feel to your home with terrazzo coasters, which also protects your wood furniture.
  • Neatness also adds class! So, prevent the condensation from drinks from leaving water marks behind with terrazzo coasters with style.
  • You can get terrazzo inspired pen holder for your home office or study table.
  • A terrazzo inspired tray can be used as an up-to-the-minute candle tray.
  • Terrazzo inspired tray can be placed on the table permanently as a table centerpiece with some seashells on it.

A pot made of terrazzo’s natural material is a symbol of mother nature within your home!

In 2020, terrazzo is experimented by designers as an abstract pattern rather than just using the material. Today it’s common to spot terrazzo inspired cushions, rugs, beauty products’ packaging, kitchen benches, walls and much more.  And so, Winston & Co. is also offering a variety of terrazzo inspired homeware including modish coasters, pots and trays. Each piece is made with extra care to add fine designer touch to the interior design of your home and offices. Our trendy designs are making terrazzo style timeless!